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Waterscape's private Marina, maintained by the HOA, includes boat slips, jetport moorings & other watercraft facilities.
Private Marina
The proximity of the Waterscape Marina to every condo means fun doesn't have to wait for the weekends.  Residents can ski on the glass-like early morning lake and still get to work on time.  Or unwind after their workday with sunset cruises while dinner bakes in the oven.
Boat Dock & Flotation Dock Licenses
"Boat Dock Licenses" and "Flotation Dock (Jetport) Licenses" are attached to the deeds of 85% of the condominiums at Waterscape.  These licenses grant the exclusive use, in perpetuity, of designated boat dock slips and flotation dock attachment locations to the titled owners of the specified condominiums.
The Waterscape Declaration permits a single condominium unit to have attached to its deed a maximum of one "Boat Dock License" and two "Flotation Dock Licenses," as space permits within the Waterscape Marina.  The licenses transfer automatically with the deed when a condominium unit is sold to new owners.
Watercraft Ownership Requirements
In order to preserve the Waterscape docks as a private marina, all watercraft moored there must be registered to the owner or resident of a Waterscape condominium.  A watercraft may be owned and registered to multiple owners, but at least one of the owners whose name appears on the BMV-issued registration must be that of a Waterscape condo owner or resident.
Boat Dock & Flotation Dock Rentals
Dock License Owners may rent their docks ... but ONLY to another Waterscape condo owner or resident.  Rentals are to be arranged directly between the parties; the HOA and the Dock Committee do not get involved in these private rental negotiations.  It is, however, the Dock License Owner's responsibility to inform the Managing Agent of a dock rental and to provide a copy of the watercraft registration that meets the Watercraft Ownership Requirements (above).
Owners wishing to rent their docks and those seeking to find a rental are advised to make use of the "Classifieds" feature found under the "Owners" tab above.
Rental Storage Racks for Kayaks, Paddleboards and Canoes
Located near Newport Beach, the storage racks contain a total of 24 slots for non-motorized personal watercraft.  Use the "Contact Us" tab above for information about rental availabilities or to place your name on the waiting list.  Storage rack rentals are open to condominium owners only, with a maximum of two storage slots per condo unit, as space permits.
Freestanding "Crank Up" Lifts
Extremely limited space is set aside as the only authorized location for the placement of individually-owned freestanding "crank-up" lifts.  Owners must contact the Managing Agent IN ADVANCE to determine if space is available.  All spaces currently are assigned; contact the Managing Agent to be placed on the waiting list.
2024 Dock Captains
Dock Committee Chair Greg Horn 317.502.5911
100 Series Boat Docks Jeff Hutter 502.797.9111
200 Series Boat Docks Jay Truesdel 317.440.3025
300 Series Boat Docks Jay Truesdel 317.440.3025
400 Series Boat Docks Bob Polivick 317.840.1558
500 Series Boat Docks Bob Polivick 317.840.1558
600 Series Flotation Docks Greg Horn 317.502.5911
700 Series Flotation Docks Jeff Hutter 502.797.9111
Rental Storage Racks Greg Horn 317.502.5911
Freestanding "Crank Up" Lifts Greg Horn 317.502.5911
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