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Waterscape Shoreline
HOA Master Insurance
Waterscape HOA secures master policies for property damage, liability, fidelity bond, volunteer accident, cyber security, and workers compensation insurance.  These policies insure the exterior of the buildings, the grounds, and the docks, for example.  Costs of these insurance premiums are included in the HOA’s monthly maintenance fees and the Docks annual fees.
Individual Owner Insurance
Individual owners are responsible for insuring the contents of their condominium units and themselves for their own personal liability.  That individual “condominium owner’s policy” (also known as an HO-6) often can be written to include payment of the individual owner’s portion of the HOA property damage policy deductible.  
Owners should begin by downloading and reading carefully the details provided by Waterscape HOA’s insurer, Community Association Underwriters of America, Inc (CAU).  The CAU document linked below includes specific coverage details, information regarding claims, and contacts to use when your bank or mortgage company requires insurance-related information.
It’s very important for owners pass along this document to your own insurance agent to be certain your own homeowners insurance policy meshes properly with the coverage provided by the Association's master policies.  In particular, the Waterscape Board strongly urges you to make sure your individual homeowners policy would pay your own out-of-pocket share of the HOA policy deductible (subject to your own policy's deductible), which could be as much as $5,000 in the event of damage or loss. 
And do make note that the HOA Master Insurance Policy provides "All-In" coverage of many upgrades and improvements owners have made; you and your own insurance agent will want to make sure than your individual policy coverage doesn't duplicate any coverage you may have already through the HOA.
If you need more info, contact our CAU agent, Joel Davis, directly via his corporate cellphone at 1-847-894-5103 or