Board & Committees

Board of Directors

Waterscape's Board of Directors consists of up to 9 members elected by homeowners.  The terms of office are 3 years, with 3 members elected each year at the November Annual Meeting of Waterscape Owners.  Any Owner whose name appears on the deed of a Waterscape condo is eligible to be nominated to serve on the Board.
All Board members oversee the community in general, and the chairs of Waterscape's Standing Committees are drawn from those who currently serve on the Board.
Current Board Members
Grounds Committee Co-Chair
Communications Chair
Jeff Hutter
Vice President
Grounds Committee Co-Chair
John Weis
Secretary Tricia Simms
Treasurer Sue Reas
Grounds Committee Member
Snow Services Oversight
Mark Glodowski
Dock Committee Chair Greg Horn
Grounds Annual Plantings
Sub-Committee Oversight
Sherryl Kendall
Committee Chair
Brian Rayl
Committee Chair
Kris Truesdel

Executive Committee

Committee Chair
Jeff Hutter (Board President) 
Committee Members John Weis (Board Vice-President)
Tricia Simms (Board Secretary)
Sue Reas (Board Treasurer)
Consisting of a Board’s officers, an executive committee historically has as its most basic purpose to act quickly on behalf of the Board if an urgent need arises between Board meetings.  Today, however, e-mail, texts, Zoom and other forms of instant communication mean that this traditional role of executive committees is seldom utilized.
Therefore, the primary mission of Waterscape’s Executive Committee is to concern itself with matters affecting the community as a whole, including:
  • Negotiation and oversight of contracts with the Managing Agent and others
  • Recruitment of Board members
  • Reserve Fund administration, Reserve Studies, and other long-range planning for capital renovations and replacements
  • Oversight of major projects planning and implementation
  • Legal matters
  • Collections
  • Oversight of enforcement of By-Laws, rules and regulations to ensure fairness in addressing violations
  • Condo Rentals
  • Annual budget planning and oversight, tax returns, and CPA audits
  • Amendments and updates of legal documents
  • Interaction with city, county, state and Federal agencies as well as those governing Morse Reservoir
While the Executive Committee is responsible for the legal and operational oversight necessary to make the Board effective and accountable to owners, it is a body that recommends items to the entire Board for decisions.  Only in the case of an extreme emergency is the Executive Committee authorized to enact a decision on its own.

Architecture-Buildings Committee

Committee Chair
Brian Rayl 
Committee Members
Angie Gordon
Joe Mrak
The purpose of the Architecture/Building Committee is to preserve and enhance the integrity of the architectural character, design, quality and maintenance of the built community and protect and enhance long-term property values.
This committee develops, maintains, interprets, distributes and approves policy regarding common and individually owned building systems and amenities at Waterscape.  It has jurisdiction over items including:  decks, patios, porches and balconies; windows and doors replacement; building roofs, gutters and downspouts; exterior siding and trim; building related mechanical and electrical fixtures and equipment; satellite dish/antenna restrictions; pest control; and radon.
The Architecture/Building Committee works with the Managing Agent to forecast and oversee the operating and reserve fund budgets for all maintenance, renovations and replacements of the built community.
The Architecture/Building Committee is available for consulting owners and other residents regarding maintenance and improvements.  All Building Modification approval requests are reviewed by the Architecture/Building Committee for approval at the committee level (or, when required, recommendation to the full Board for approval consideration.)

Communications Committee

Committee Chair
Jeff Hutter
Committee Members
Angie Gordon
Chris Noll (Ardsley Management)
The mission of the Communications Committee is to foster good communication with and among owners and other Waterscape residents through activities that include:
  • Publishing the Annual Directory of Residents
  • Managing Waterscape’s website
  • Preparing special “alerts” regarding community news
  • Overseeing preparation of advance Annual Meeting Materials
The Communications Committee works closely with the Grounds Committee regarding signage throughout the Waterscape community.  It also assists the Social-Events Committee in publicizing community-wide activities.

Dock Committee

Committee Chair
Greg Horn
Committee Members
Bob Polivick
Jay Truesdel
The Dock Committee's over-arching purposes are:
  • Maintaining the integrity of the Waterscape Marina
  • Insuring the proper use of the Marina facilities and the dock licenses.
Members of the Dock Committee are knowledgeable and conversant regarding dock slip usage, personal watercraft guidelines, application forms, policies and procedures.  Committee members serve as Dock Captains, each responsible for a specified segment of the Waterscape Marina.
Dock Committee responsibilities include:
  • Maintaining a database of dock and personal watercraft users and registrations for watercraft authorized to be moored at Waterscape
  • Providing consistent and updated communications to all Waterscape homeowners and dock slip users, insuring proper use of the dock slip and personal watercraft licenses
  • Encouraging safety
  • Overseeing administrative responsibilities for the PWC Lifts ("crank-ups") to assure safe ingress and egress within the limited area available
  • Coordinating rentals and supervising proper usage of the PWC Storage Racks
  • Working closely with the Managing Agent to oversee the dock operating and reserve fund budgets and assist in the acquisition of appropriate dock insurance
  • Protecting the integrity of the dock system through preventative maintenance, proper repair, and replacements.
All Dock Modification approval requests are reviewed by the Dock Committee for approval at the committee level (or, if required, recommendation to the full Board for approval consideration.)

Grounds Committee

Committee Co-Chairs Jeff Hutter
John Weis
Committee Member - Annual Plantings Oversight
Sherryl Kendall
Committee Member - Snow Services Oversight Mark Glodowski
Committee Member Angie Gordon
The purposes of the Grounds Committee are:
  • To preserve and enhance the integrity of the landscaping and hardscaping throughout the Common and Limited Common Areas of Waterscape’s 11-acre property
  • To maintain the consistent appearance and enrich the character, design, and quality of the property
  • To protect and enhance long-term property values
The Grounds Committee's areas of responsibility include:  
  • Trees, shrubs, flowers and lawns
  • Asphalt and concrete, including sidewalks, driveways, curbs and parking areas
  • Seawalls, retaining walls, boardwalks and beaches
  • Signage, mail stations and streetlights
  • Public decks and benches
  • Ponds and fountains
The Grounds Committee works side-by-side with the Managing Agent to develop and oversee the operating and reserve budgets for the Grounds Fund, including the important maintenance contracts for that include:
  • Mowing, weed and pest control, pruning and other landscape maintenance activities
  • Ponds and fountains maintenance
  • Snow removal services
The committee is available for consulting owners regarding personal gardening activities that, under certain conditions, may be allowed in some restricted areas immediately adjacent to their condominium units.  Grounds Guidelines and Request Forms are found on the "Policies & Documents" page of this website.
Personal Gardening requests are reviewed by the Grounds Committee and considered by the full Board for approval.  Waterscape's covenants require advance written approval from the Board for placing, removing, or otherwise making any changes in grounds areas.

Social-Events Committee

Committee Chair
Kris Truesdel
Committee Members
Joanne Holman
Sherryl Kendall
Sharon Leenhouts
Jan Massey
Tricia Simms
Tracy Spurlock
Special Events play an important role in the Waterscape community.  The Social-Events committee plans, publicizes and hosts gatherings throughout the year to fulfill its mission of fostering good relations among all those who call Waterscape “home”.  Popular activities hosted by the committee include:
  • “Thirsty Thursday” socials on the waterfront community deck every week in the summer
  • The annual “Water-Escape” that organizes a very lively afternoon boat tie-up party out on the lake
  • An annual "Beach Bonfire" party, which bids farewell each fall to another great season on Morse
  • Owner-hosted “Progressive Parties” offering the opportunity to gather during the winter months
  • A variety of other community-wide social events that include, from time to time, ice cream socials and live music events
The committee's mission to cultivate "good cheer" is particularly apparent each winter when members decorate the Waterscape for the holiday season.